Welcome to easy code generator

easy code generator is a tool for software developers who want to develop software faster and better.

Most applications process data from databases. To process this data, developers need to write classes and methods to read, write and delete this data. Writing such classes and methods can be very time consuming and the developer must always be careful to keep his code consistent and error free from the beginning. Otherwise he will have to invest too much time in debugging.

With easy code generator you can create consistent and error free code, based on your templates. Create code for classes, read and write methods, for filling combo and list boxes or data grids in just one click and in only a few seconds!

Advantages of easy code generator

  • Less development effort for default code: create complete classes in just seconds.
  • No predefined layouts: you decide how your code should look like.
  • Consistent code: the generated code is always exactly the same, this makes your software maintenance less though!
  • No typos, no forgotten code: this reduces your debugging time extremely!
  • For all text based programming languages: no matter if you develop in C#, vb.net or Java, you can use easy code generator for each language.
  • Development environment independent: easy code generator is a stand alone application and can therefore be used for each development system running on windows.
  • Get productive quickly: there is no need to learn any new and complicated syntax. easy code generator has a code snippet generator that helps you get productive very fast!
  • Payback in just a couple of minutes: just copy and paste your existing code, replace the necessary parts with easy code generator code snippets and save your template. Run your code generator template and save many hours of work in just minutes!

easy code generator is completely free! Download it now!