Code Snippets Library

With easy code generator you can easy built a complete library of recurring code snippets that make you coding faster and easier.

How often do want to write certain code and don’t exactly know the syntax anymore. You start searching the internet and relatively fast you find a few examples. Once you use one example and the other time another one. In such cases you again break your consistency rule and might end up in instable code.

In other cases you might simply want to define a standard for certain code parts. For instance for each new method you want the same base structure or for a remark block you always want the same layout.

Here is a small example: you repeatedly have to add new methods to your program and want them all to have the same base layout with date of generation, your name und some predefined comment area. Of course you could write this every time by hand, but it is much smarter to create a template once, and then call it each time you need a new method. A simple template could look like this:

Run it and enter the name of your new method, say “myNewMethod” and here you are with a ready to use method, that you can change to your needs:

Like this you can built your own code snippet library with easy code generator and find your code much faster. Try it out and you will see how much faster you will be and how much better your code will become!