Faster Coding

Your time savings are surely the biggest benefit when using easy code generator.

With one click and within seconds, easy code generator can generate many thousands of lines of code.

Let us presume that you use classes to reflect certain data from a database, for instance from a table. Your class consists of properties, matching the database table columns and methods for the default SQL commands SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

Such a relatively simple class, based on a database table with only 5 columns, can quickly contain 200 lines of code. If you would write this class manually, you would need approximately 15 – 30 minutes including correcting typos and debugging. Now just imagine you would need to write the same class for a table with 100 columns? What do you think, how long would you need for this?

With easy code generator you simply select your database table and run your template, done!

Furthermore you can also use easy code generator as code library to save code snippets you reuse very often. Instead of searching every time online save them as your individual templates and reuse them whenever you need them.