easy code generator Setup

Downloading and setting up easy code generator is very easy and is done within a few minutes.

After acquiring a test license or buying a regular license, you will receive an email from us together with a download link and your personal software key.

In case you didn’t receive an email from us, please contact our helpdesk.

Step 1: download setup

Press on the download link inside the email to download the installation file. The zipped file, named easyCodeGeneratorSetup.zip will usually be saved in your download directory on your computer.

Step 2: unzip and start setup.exe

First unzip the downloaded file to a temporary directory and then start setup.exe.

Follow the instructions on the screen and wait until the setup is finished.

Step 3: activate your client

After installing easy code generator you should find an icon on your desktop. Double click on it to start the application.

easy code generator will ask you to activate your client. Enter you license key and press <request activation>.

If you bought a multi client license pack, then please repeat above steps for each client you want to install.

Step 4: choose your language

Easy code generator is installed per default in English. If you want to choose another languages then choose the tab <Settings> on the main windows. There you can changes the application language and press on <Save Language>. Now easy code generator will be restartet with the selected language.