Product Features


  • Standalone Application, not integrated in any software development environment
  • Runs with MS Windows operating system
  • Suitable for any text based programming language (C#, Visual Basic, Java, HTML, ASP.NET, Transact SQL etc.)
  • easy code generator code can be inserted into templates using the front end. No need to learn new and complex syntax.
  • Generated code is transferred from easy code generator to your editor with cut & paste

Projects / Database Connections

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Each project defines a connection to a database
  • Database connections are based on OLEDB providers
  • Currently tested databases are MS SQL-Server and MS Access but any database connection via OLEDB should be possible.
  • Auto connect when project is selected.
  • Save default namespace on project level.

Offline Mode

  • Database structure is read and saved in locally.
  • Even if no connection to the project database can be established, you can generate code.


  • Define own user variables. With user variables you can add specific data to any template when generating code. For instance you can define a user variable to hold the name of the class to be generated.
  • User variables are asked for before generating the code.
  • The same user variables can be used in different templates. If templates refer to other templates using the same variable, easy code generator only asks for the variable once.
  • Use different system variables like namespace, date of creation, project name etc.

Code conversions based on data types

  • Data type conversions enable to write specific code based on an OLE data type.
  • Write language depend declarations based on OLE data types.
  • Conversions based NULLABLE and NON NULLABLE data types.
  • Define unlimited numbers of data type conversions

Templates and References

  • Unlimited number of templates.
  • Avoid redundant coding by referencing from one template to another.
  • Write one method in one template and reference to it from different other templates without rewriting the method.